I wanted a Minecraft Modpack that didn’t feel broken or overwhelming, and was absent of futurist tech. That’s where ThaumPlus comes in. You can download it here.
Below are a few instructions to get started, and a list of all of the mods in this Modpack.

How To Get Started

Before you can play, you’ll need to do a tiny bit of installation and setup.

Forge Client

(Despite the picture, the Forge version in the Modpack is Forge

First, you need to run an instance of Minecraft 1.7.10 if you haven’t before. Then run the Forge program inside the ThaumPlus folder that’s right for your system (Windows or Mac). Select the ‘client’ option to finish Forge installation.

Next, you’ll need to put the files from the Modpack in the right place. Go to your .minecraft folder and add a folder called “mods”. Then, put all of the files from the ThaumPlus mods folder into your newly created .minecraft mods folder.
Do the same thing with the ThaumPlus scripts folder and config folder.

After that, make sure that your Profile is set to Forge with the correct version:Forge

(Again, the picture is wrong. The Forge version in the Modpack is Forge

Now I suggest reading a little bit about the major mods and mechanics in the pack:

The Mods

To get started in Thaumcraft, one must first create a wand.
A wand is created like this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.45.32 PM

It should be noted that there are multiple types of wands; however, this is the only one a new Thaumaturge (you) has access to.
Once you’ve created a wand, the next order of business is creating your very own Thaumonomicon. In order to create this guide to all things Thaumcraft, you must right-click a bookshelf while holding your newly-created Iron Capped Wooden Wand (any wand will work if you need another in the future).

This Thaumonomicon will forevermore serve as your guide to Thaumcraft (and all Thaumcraft-related mods) while in game.

If you’re experienced with Thaumcraft already, you might find this Research Helper to be of use.


Storage Drawers


I included this mod because of the storage and inventory issues that are caused by adding mods.
There is no traditional slotted inventory with these containers. Clicking on one of drawers on front will interact with that drawer.

  • Right-Click: Insert full stack in hand into drawer (or partial stack if the drawer fills).
  • Double-Right-Click: Insert all compatible stacks in inventory into drawer (or until drawer fills).
  • Left-Click: Remove a single item from the drawer.
  • Shift+Left-Click: Remove a full stack from the drawer.
  • Shift+Right-Click with empty hand: Open a UI to see exact item counts and manage applied upgrades.


If you want to read more about the blocks in this mod, you can go to the Mod’s page, or you can look at the recipes within the game via the list next to your inventory.

Immersive Engineering
A balanced engineering mod that is all about constructing and getting better machines overtime. It feels right to include it.
I’ve also added a mod that bridges IE and Thaumcraft called Arcane Engineering. You can read about it in your Thaumonomicon.

To get the How-To Guide, craft a Book and a Lever.

A mod all about Witchy magic!
I’d suggest checking out this video to get started.


You should spawn with an OpenBlocks book that can help you out, but I’ve removed a lot of the over-powered blocks and items from this mod. Use the NotEnoughItems inventory to help you find and craft items from OpenBlocks.
Additionally, I’ve changed a few recipes.
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.05.39 PM

Other Mods in this pack:
(Any Thaumcraft-related mods will be explorable through the Thaumonomicon.)

Automagy– Adds some much-needed automation to Thaumcraft.
Et Futurum– Adds items from future versions of Minecraft.
Fast Leaf Decay– Makes leaves degenerate quicker.
Forbidden Magic– Adds some darkness and items to Thaumcraft.
Gadomancy– Adds some gadgets, automation, and items to Thaumcraft.
NotEnoughItems– A guide for crafting all of the items! It will help you with Thaumcraft items as you unlock the research for them. Example:
OptiFine– A FPS and optimization mod.
Roguelike Dungeons– Generates large underground dungeon structures which have procedurally generated layouts and loot.
Thaumic Exploration– Adds some balanced items to Thaumcraft
Thaumic Horizons– Adds some uses for some of the mechanics already in Thaumcraft.
WAILA– An on-screen UI to answer “What Am I Looking At?”.

And some other mods.

Other pictures from the mods and saves in this modpack: