Antique Dealer

Morley Walker Pearce contacted you because of your reputation as one of the top Antique Dealers in the world. He paid handsomely, and shared your obsession with rare objects and artifacts.
Two weeks ago, he had you take a flight with him and his Personal Pilot to Russia. You were there to confirm the authenticity of a once-lost Faberge Egg, and to help barter a price. The price was exorbitant, and the transaction was most definitely illegal, but everything seemed to go smoothly.

When getting back on the plane, a man garbed in all black tried to grab the boxed Faberge Egg out from Pearce’s arms. Right in front of you, the Pilot pulled out a pistol and shot the man in the chest, who dropped hard onto the ground.
Instead of investigating, you all rush back onto the plane and fly back to the U.S. without mentioning it again.

Later that week, Pearce asks you for a meeting at his home to inspect the Egg- he thinks it has a scratch that wasn’t there before. You agree, as you are very interested in seeing the Egg again.

As the Butler guides you into the office, you see the Senator standing above the now dead Pearce. There is a bloodied knife in his hands.

Before anyone can react, the Butler spews forth a brilliant plan.

The Butler explains how Pearce was a very paranoid man and wrote a Last Will And Testament listing 10 people that he suspects may murder him. In the event that he is murdered, the 10 people gather and get to split Pearce’s fortune and stocks if they can vote and agree on which attendee was the murderer.

The Butler suggests that what the Antique Dealer wants is in the Vault in this very office, and the Senator has access to the Key to the Vault through a relationship with Pearce’s Executive Office Assistant. If the Senator and the Antique Dealer both give up their share of the Fortune to the Butler, the Senator will get away with the murder and the Antique Dealer will get what he want’s most out of the Vault.

The entire time, you cannot stop thinking about the Faberge Egg in the Vault. You don’t care about the billionaire, and if you can help the Senator, the Egg could be yours.
You agree to help.

The Butler tells you that you will receive a letter about the gathering soon, and he will set everything up. The plan is to accuse another person at the gathering of the murder.

Public Knowledge about you:
Renowned Antiques Dealer, seen occasionally with Pearce

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– Has an obsession with old and rare Artifacts- especially Faberge Eggs
– Recently flew to Russia with Pearce to confirm authenticity of an artifact
– Knows a Faberge Egg is in the Office Vault
– Saw the Pilot shoot a man trying to steal from Morley Pearce
– Scheduled to meet with Morley Pearce on April 1st at 2:00 pm

You do not want to betray the Senator or the Butler, as they are your access to the Faberge Egg. You are their accomplices.