Chairman of the Board

You are Chairman of the Board to the ZipZap 3D Printing company and long-term business partner of billionaire Morley Walker Pearce. You once got a long with Pearce, but in recent years, he has been estranged and easy-to-anger.

In the last year or so, you’ve gotten very close to Pearce’s wife. She also seems to have been distanced by Pearce, and you two have bonded. You see her often when Pearce is on long trips, and lately you’ve been having “over-night” stays with her.

You own 20% of the 3D Printing company Pearce founded, which you feel is rather unfair, considering you funded the idea. Recently, you’ve been hearing rumors from your other board members that Pearce is planning on taking you out of the Board of Directors. You think he suspects that you’ve been seeing his Wife, and your wealth would drop significantly if you were forced out of the company.

If Pearce kicked the bucket, however, you would be primary share-holder and would become CEO by default…

On April 1st at 10:00 a.m., Pearce has a meeting with you. He tries to explain certain management changes and business strategies that only would make sense if you were no longer Chairman. After the meeting, Pearce hurries you away because he’s “got an extremely important meeting with the Science Advisor” of ZipZap 3D Printing. You try to get him to tell you what the meeting is about, but he shoves you out the door. You did your best to hide your fury at his indignation.

Before leaving, you agree to get lunch with Pearce at noon, but he cancels just before you leave to meet him. It’s too bad, because you could’ve made sure it was his last meal.

Later in the afternoon, you see the news that someone else did the work for you…


Public Knowledge about you:
You own 20% of the ZipZap 3D Printing company and are the Chairman of the Board of Directors. You are fairly close to Pearce.

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– Was going to be kicked out of “Chairman” position before Pearce died.
– Will take over ZipZap 3D Printing as CEO now that Pearce has died.
– In love with Pearce’s Wife.
– Knows Pearce had an important meeting with the Science advisor on April 1st at 11:00 a.m.
– Had a meeting with Pearce on April 1st at 10:00 a.m. Was Scheduled to have lunch with Pearce later that day.