Medical Doctor

You are a very accomplished Russian Doctor that treats many famous and rich people. Among them, you treat the billionaire Morley Walker Pearce. He was a very strange man, and you never liked his attitude. He seemed to always want to take advantage of others, and was generally arrogant.

He gave you some wonderful referrals, however. You now treat Pearce’s Wife, his Chairman of the Board, and his friend Magician.
Recently, Mrs. Pearce came for a treatment that revealed a pregnancy. This concerns you, because besides knowing that Pearce is impotent, you have had to treat Mrs. Pearce for “blunt trauma” in the past (caused by Pearce).
After mentioning your concerns to Mrs. Pearce, she confesses that she has been seeing the Chairman, and she plans to leave Pearce soon.

After treating Pearce’s Wife for blunt trauma, treating his Science Advisor for exposure to toxic chemicals, and most recently, treating the Magician for a gunshot wound to the chest (“It was my own fault. I shouldn’t have provoked him”), you’ve decided to take action. You could not let this man get away with more evil deeds.

So, when Pearce schedules a house-call at 4:00 p.m. on April 1st, you bring along syringe full of neurotoxins that will slowly kill him over the course of a week. Just as you’re about to leave your office, however, you see the news that the billionaire has already died…


Public Knowledge about you:
Doctor to the wealthy and famous.

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– Hates Pearce (thinks he’s an evil person).
– Knows Pearce is completely impotent.
– Knows Magician was recently shot.
– Knows Pearce’s Wife is pregnant, and that she wants to leave Pearce.
– Scheduled to meet with Morley Pearce on April 1st at 4:00 pm