Personal Pilot

You are a Personal Pilot and Security Detail for the billionaire Morley Walker Pearce. You were once a Military Pilot, and he chose you because you are the best of the best.
He paid extremely well, but there have always been conditions to your employment. He made you live in his Mansion so you could be on call. He often requested long flights at odd hours without any warning. Worst and most terrifying of all, he would force you to fly in very dangerous conditions.

You found him to be a very odd man, and occasionally he made off-handed comments about “commitment” and how you may never be able to find a job again if you “screwed him over”. The money was great, but the coercion was not.

Two weeks ago, Pearce had you fly him and a hired Antique Dealer to Russia. You didn’t know exactly what the Antique Dealer was there for, but you figured Pearce was likely buying another expensive artifact. Possibly illegally. Pearce had you come along because you were “required” to protect him, if necessary.

Everything seemed to go smoothly until when getting back on the plane, a man garbed in all black tried to grab the boxed artifact out from Pearce’s arms. You reacted with all of the speed of your Military training and shot the man in the chest with your side-pistol. The man dropped hard to the ground.
Instead of investigating, you all rush back onto the plane and fly back to the U.S. without mentioning it again.

You feel like this is the last straw. Pearce schedules a meeting with you at 5:00 p.m. on April 1st, and you spent the entire day just thinking about the violent things you would do to him, if you could…

Before 5:00 rolls around, the Butler informs you of Pearce’s death, and tells you a letter of explanation would be coming soon.

Public Knowledge about you:
Personal Pilot and guard for Pearce.

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– Flew Morley Pearce to Russia recently
– Flew Antique Dealer to Russia recently
– Shot a man in the chest trying to steal from Morley Pearce recently.
– Forced to work long and dangerous hours at the whim of Morley Pearce
– Scheduled to meet with Morley Pearce on April 1st at 5:00 pm