Science Advisor

You are the Science Advisor for ZipZap 3D Printing. You answer to Morley Walker Pearce, the CEO. Recently he has been making sure you answer to only him, and no one else. You’ve never trusted Pearce, but you like your job and you don’t have to see him very often.

Recently you’ve been becoming friends with Pearce’s Executive Office Assistant. You quickly become close, and she reveals to you that she’s been sleeping with the Senator. You don’t really approve because you dislike the Senator, but you don’t want to say anything that would ruin your friendship with her.

This week, when reviewing the ZipZap 3D Printing facility, you found a sewage pipe that was dumping toxic chemicals directly into the ocean. Horrified, you follow the pipe to see where it leads and you trip, landing on your hands and knees in a small pool of chemicals. They sting and burn, and you go to see The Doctor (who was recommended by Pearce) to get healed.

Pearce has a meeting with you on April 1st at 11:00 a.m. You bring up the chemicals, and he tells you they’re just “part of the process”. You bring up the impact on the environment and the very serious harm they caused you. Furious, you argue with him until he says that he has to meet someone for lunch. You demand that he goes to lunch with you instead, so you can convince him to get rid of the chemical process.

Even after lunch, Pearce does not agree to make any changes. Upon leaving you decide that in your next meeting, you must take action. This level of neglect cannot be accepted, even if it means getting rid of Pearce permanently.

Later in the afternoon, however, you hear the news that someone murdered Pearce. Looks like someone took care of the problem for you…


Public Knowledge about you:
Science Advisor for ZipZap 3D Printing. Fairly close to Pearce.

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– Close to Executive Office Assistant
– Knows ZipZap 3D printing has been producing toxic chemicals. Blames Pearce for this.
– Recently been treated for chemical burns by The Doctor.
– Knows the Senator and Executive Office Assistant have been sleeping together
– Met with Pearce at 11:00 a.m. on April 1st.