The Senator

You are an up-and-coming Senator. Before you got your position as Senator, a very eccentric billionaire named Morley Walker Pearce contacted you.
He said that he would fund all of your campaigns to your heart’s content, but that you must help him to pass a certain piece of legislation.

Meanwhile, you and Pearce’s Executive Office Assistant hit it off. Nothing serious, but you both seem to be up for frequent late-night calls. One night, she reveals to you that she knows the location of the Key to Pearce’s office Vault, but she has no idea what is actually in the Vault. Being curious, you try to get more out of her, but she says she only knows about the Key.

After you became Senator, you held up your end of the bargain and the legislation was passed: It allowed Pearce’s 3D printing business to use a production process that releases hundreds of kiloliters of toxic chemicals into the ocean. The production process tripled Pearce’s profits.
Pearce managed to keep the files under wrap, and you both are the only people to know about this “Production.”
Your advisors tell you that if you play your cards right, you have a good chance at a Presidency in the next few years. Pearce seemed to think it was funny to regularly remind you that you would be finished if the information got out, and you are extremely fearful that he will “let it slip”.

– – – – –

Knowing all this, you agree to a meeting with Pearce in his personal home-office at 1:00 p.m on April 1st, 2015. You are expecting to receive more funds for your Presidency campaign, but he dismisses any talk about money.
Pearce explains how he met with his Science Advisor and Chairman of the Board earlier that day, and how he needs for you to pass another piece of legislation for him. He threatens to reveal your secret to the world if you don’t. You threaten back- Pearce’s production would halt if he revealed the legislation. Pearce just laughs in your face and proclaims “You think I care? I’ve already made all my money.”

At this, your temper peaks, and you grab an Ancient Egyptian knife sitting on display on Pearce’s desk. After you plunge it into his heart, he shutters and dies.

Only a few seconds later, you hear people walk into his office. As you turn, you see the Butler and another man (Clayton), both shocked. Before anyone can react, the Butler spews forth a brilliant plan.

The Butler explains how Pearce was paranoid and wrote a Last Will And Testament listing 10 people that he suspects may murder him. In the event that he is murdered, the 10 people gather and get to split Pearce’s fortune and stocks if they can vote and agree on which attendee was the murderer.
The Butler suggests that what the other man, an Antique Dealer, wants is in the Vault, and the Senator has access to the Key to the Vault through a relationship with Pearce’s Executive Office Assistant. If the Senator and the Antique Dealer both give up their share of the Fortune to the Butler, the Senator will get away with the murder and the Antique Dealer will get what he want’s most out of the Vault.

Thinking of the Presidency, you agree in desperation. The Antique Dealer looks longingly at the Vault before agreeing as well.

The Butler tells you that you will receive a letter about the gathering soon, and he will set everything up. The plan is to accuse another person at the gathering of the murder.

Public Knowledge about you:
Senator that has a chance at Presidency

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– Pearce funds campaigns
– Passed legislation for Pearce
– Passed legislation that allows for the production of toxic chemicals (released into the ocean)
– Sleeping with Executive Office Assistant- knows she has a key to the Office Vault
– Scheduled to meet with Morley Pearce on April 1st at 1:00 pm

You do not want to betray the Antique Dealer or the Butler, as they are covering your murder. You are their accomplices.