The Wife

You are the wife of billionaire Morley Walker Pearce.  Your wealthy parents insisted you maintain wealth and therefore marry someone of worthy status. You never loved him, but there was a time when you were fond of each other and even attempted to have a child.

It was then, after discovering that Morley was impotent, that his interest in you completely faded. For years you now, you have been left behind and neglected while he spends his time focusing on his business and constantly traveling around the world. He is rude and inconsiderate and treats you with disdain. Occasionally, he even hits you.

Morley’s long-term business partner and Chairman of the Board has always been there for you. He calls whenever Morley is gone. You are enamored by him and he makes you feel alive. After frequent dinners and realizing a common hatred of Morley, you fell in love. Luckily, Morley hasn’t noticed your sneaking around- he is too busy with his own affairs. But now, there’s an even greater problem- you discovered you are pregnant.

When seeing the Russian Doctor, you confess to him that you have been with the Chairman and you plan to leave Morley.

What you don’t tell the Doctor is that the only way to keep your portion of Morley’s estate is to get rid of him permanently.

Morley has called meetings with many colleagues on April 1st.  You aren’t normally included, but today he wants to see you in-between meetings. When the Butler informs you of the meeting with your husband, you become worried and angry that Morley has somehow discovered the pregnancy. When the Butler lets you in, you both discover Morley in a pool of blood, still sitting upright in his chair.

Looks like someone took care of your problem for you…

Public Knowledge about you:
Wife of Pearce. Comes from wealthy family. Not seen with Pearce in public recently. Police Report says that she and the Butler found Pearce dead, together.

(These will be on paper at the party. More instructions when you get there.)

– In love with Chairman
– Pregnant
– Has Prenuptial agreement with Morley Pearce that only says: If divorced, the Wife gets no funds from Pearce.
– Close with Butler and Doctor
– Not scheduled to meet with Morley Pearce on April 1st, but was in the same building that day.